Ask An Electrician

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What is a Master Electrician?

A Master Electrician in Alberta is an Electrical Journeyman who has an advanced level of knowledge and skill in the Electrical field.

A Designated Master Electrician has been recognized by the Safety Codes Council for

Education and Experience and is able to obtain Electrical Permits. This ensures the Services we provide are up to standards & fully permitted!

A Master Electrician supervises and is responsible for all other electricians working on any construction or installation project.  Only the master electrician

can pull the permits with the electrical authority, and they can only be registered with one electrical  contracting company at any one time.

How Szautner Electrical Contracting Can Save You Money

There are many ways an electrician can save you money on your energy bill or electric projects.

Cost-efficient Lighting

One way to save money on your energy bills is through cost-efficient lighting. One way to do this is by switching from incandescent light bulbs to LED or CFL light bulbs are more energy-efficient and only a fraction of the cost, annually. Another way to save on lighting is to hire an electrician to install light-dimming switches. Not only will this give your environment the aesthetic benefits of setting the lighting to your mood or event, but it also helps save money on electricity by allowing you to use only as much lighting as necessary.

Home Surge Protection

Did you know that a power surge caused by a lightning storm can cost you thousands in damage to electronics? Luckily, you can keep all of your expensive electronics safe from harm by hiring an electrician to install whole home surge protection.

Ceiling fans

Installing ceiling fans during the summer can help you reduce air conditioning usage, thus lowering your electricity bill.


Hiring a professional electrician to complete electric projects versus attempting to do it yourself can save you time, money and stress. An electrician will have all necessary supplies and materials to complete the job, as well as the knowledge to do so quickly and efficiently. Doing it yourself will not only cost you in supplies, but also the time to learn how to do what an electrician is already trained to do. Furthermore, DIY electrical work comes with many risk factors if it is not done properly. Poorly done electrical work can start fires, damage your home and even risk your own safety, resulting in more money toward repairs or medical bills.